Forster Co-Ax Press With S Jaws

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Forster Co-ax Press With S Jaws

No need to complicate the reloading process. The Co-Ax Press keeps it simple while still delivering famous Forster precision. The Forster Co-Ax Loading Press comes with several unique features that help make it truly one of a kind, including:

  1. Snap-in and snap-out die changing. You can actually change from sizer die to seater die in two seconds!
  2. A positive spent primer catcher system passes all spent primers and dirty carbon through a tube and into a container. That helps keep all working parts free of dirt and abrasives
  3. Dual floating guide rods to help ensure perfect alignment.
  4. Because there is absolutely no torque on the head of the Co-Ax Press, long life is the rule rather than the exception. Due to the design of the linkage and pivots, all forces are in equilibrium whether the press is at maximum workload or at rest
  5. The Co-Ax Press has three times the mechanical advantage of an ordinary "C" press. It's so effortless, full length sizing can actually be accomplished by operating the handle of the press with the little finger! There's no pain but plenty of gains.
  6. The Co-Ax Press delivers perfect alignment of the die and the case because the shell holder jaws are designed to float with the die, thereby permitting the case to center precisely in the die
  7. With no frame supports or swinging primer arms to interfere or cause an obstruction, the Co-Ax Press provides plenty of elbow room for both right-handed or left-handed operators
  8. The Co-Ax Press accepts any standard 7/8" X 14 reloading die, some with existing locking rings. Forster Cross Bolt Locking Rings are recommended. 
  9. The unique top priming device seats primers to factory specifications. The seater is always at right angles to the case head. Primers will not flip or tip. They will be seated straight, level, and at a uniform distance below the case head. Primers cannot be crushed, nor will they protrude from the case head and cause premature firing
  10. The top of the stroke provides a rock-solid stop for consistency.

Click Here to Download Co-Ax Press Instructions