Forster Universal Bullet Puller- Collets Not Included

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Forster Universal Bullet Puller - Collets not Included
If we reload, we all at sometime face the task of having to disassemble cartridges or pull bullets. The Forster Universal Bullet Puller provides the solution to this problem. The Forster Universal Bullet Puller works in both 7/8-14 reloading presses as well as the Forster Co-Ax press.

Forster makes two versions of their bullet puller. Both can work with bullets from .17 caliber to .45 caliber. Collets sold separately.

Standard - For use on most 7/8-14 threaded presses. Has a built-in handle.
Universal - For use with the Forster Co-Ax Press and will also work in most 7/8-14 threaded presses. Requires a 9/16" wrench to use.

If you never intend to use this bullet puller in a Co-Ax press and have a standard 7/8-14 reloading press, we recommend purchasing the Forster Standard Bullet Puller as it is a bit easier to use.

This bullet puller is designed for a lifetime of use. It uses collets (sold separately) to grip the bullet in a secure manner while reducing damage to the bullet during removal. Provides the user the means to reuse valuable components.


  • Forster Universal Bullet Puller
  • Complete instructions included
  • Collets sold separately in calibers from .17 caliber to .45 caliber.
  • Requires a user to have a 9/16" wrench to tighten the screw on the bullet puller


  • Apply a small amount of grease to the tapered portion and base of the collet before inserting collet into puller body.
  • Use your supplied 9/16" wrench to remove the Bullet Puller Collet screw from the body of the bullet puller. Turn in a counter-clockwise direction and set aside the screw.
  • Insert the collet into the body with the tapered side down. Might be a snug fit.
  • Replace the collet screw and tighten the screw in a clockwise direction using the 9/16" wrench until the collet is approximately closed to the diameter of the bullet being pulled.
  • This pre-tightening prevents the case neck from entering the collet.
  • Insert the assembled Universal Bullet Puller into the Co-Ax press and adjust position  where the bottom of the collet will just contact the case neck of a loaded cartridge with the ram fully raised.
  • Tighten lock ring on bullet puller. Helps to keep lock ring screw towards the front of the Co-Ax die slot.
  • Insert cartridge into Co-Ax jaws and raise the shellholder plate so the bullet goes into the collet.
  • Use your 9/16" wrench to turn screw in a clockwise direction to tighten collet on the bullet.
  • Lower shellholder plate of reloading press which should extract the bullet from the case.
  • Use your 9/16" wrench to turn the screw of bullet puller counter-clockwise to loosen the collet thus releasing bullet. If bullet doesn't release, tap the top of the screw and it should release the bullet.
  • Reuse components or dispose of in a proper manner.

Collets HERE

Solid steel collets are sold separately.