Creedmoor Sports Coal Sight Paint

$ 14.95

Creedmoor Coal Sight Paint

Harness the power of profound darkness with Creedmoor Coal Sight Paint. This ultra-black matte finish paint heightens the contrast between your front sight and the target, while reducing glare that could result in poor sight alignment.

Key Features:

  • Depth Beyond Darkness: Creedmoor Coal's unmatched light absorption properties create an otherworldly black, ensuring virtually no reflection, even under the most luminous conditions.
  • Non-Corrosive: Creedmoor Coal will not harm the finish on your front sight.
  • Crystal-Clear Contrast: The profound blackness of Creedmoor Coal drastically amplifies the contrast between your front sight and any target, allowing for superior sight alignment.
  • Significance of Contrast: In precision shooting, the clarity with which one perceives the front sight in relation to the target is paramount. A sharp, distinct front sight enables quicker target acquisition and ultimately aids in achieving more consistent and accurate shots.
  • Withstands Competition Conditions: Beyond its visual advantages, Creedmoor Coal is resilient, standing up to the rigors of shooting conditions and maintaining its deep hue shot after shot throughout your competition.
  • Smooth Application: Designed for ease, the applicator brush and the paint's texture ensure a uniform coat on your rifle's front sight, enhancing its depth and visual clarity.
  • Travel Safe: Unlike alternatives, you can have a black front sight using non-flammable products or carbide.

Creedmoor Coal is not just a paint; it's an invitation to experience unparalleled sighting precision. By drastically improving the contrast between the front sight and target, it paves the way for heightened accuracy and the refined marksmanship experience every shooter seeks.

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