Impact Tactical/ Precision Data Book


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Impact Tactical/ Precision Data Book

Impact Tactical or Precision Shooter Data Book This book was designed to offer a premade book for the beginner shooter that may not know exactly what they need in their data book. The premade data book will give you a great off the shelf book that offers you a variety of the most common target types you will encounter during a basic range session. The goal was to eliminate the over abundance of worthless range cards, sketch pages and note type pages that you more commonly find in other premade books. Black binders will have regular 80 weight executive stock paper or Tan binders will have Rite in the Rain(RNR) water resistant paper. 91/8" x 61/2" The premade data book offers the following pages: 10 - Index Standard Pages 20 - Circle Pages 20 - Square Pages 15 - Silhouette Pages 10 - Blank Pages 5 - Cold Bore Pages 5 - Mover Pages 5 - Unknown Distance Pages 3 - Notes Pages 3 - Round Count Pages 2 - Range Card Pages 2 - Sketch Pages Your complete book will be 100 double sided pages that will give you 180 usable data collection pages and 20 pages of reference material.

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