Jensen Synthetic 40mm ISU Lg. LHS (134L)

$ 49.95

Jensen Synthetic 40mm ISU Lg. LHS (134L)

Made by Jensen & Sons, this 40mm buckle cuff synthetic sling has a lined leather cuff and self centering sling strap. This is an ideal sling for those just getting started in ISU shooting.

How to determine size:

Bare arm or with T shirt only, measure the arm diameter bent 90 deg. at the elbow and in the upper biceps area.

For all leather slings:

  • 11.5 inches dia. = size small
  • 12.5 inches dia. = size medium
  • 13.5 inches dia. = size large

For all synthetic slings:

  • 10.5 inches dia. = size small
  • 11.5 inches dia. = size medium
  • 12.5 inches dia. = size large

The slings are designed to account for the bulk of a heavy shooting jacket plus at least 1 sweat shirt underneath but DO NOT wear these items when measuring the arm.

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