Jerry Miculek's Practical Rifle

$ 39.95

Jerry Miculek's Practical Rifle

"When you watch Jerry shoot, he's so darn smooth, there's no wasted motion and how he does that has been a mystery," said Brownells President, Pete Brownell, "in the DVDs he teaches you all of his time-saving techniques. It's great to see how he does what he does and I'm really happy he chose us to produce this DVD set."

Produced entirely at Brownells studios and Big Springs Range, in cooperation with Bang Inc., the set is 2 hours and 17 minutes long, broken down into short easy segments, and features innovative camera angles, slow motion footage, and animated illustrations so the viewer can fully comprehend and study the subjects being taught. Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle covers everything about shooting the AR-15 from how he sets up his rifle to the basics of stance, grip, trigger control, and all the way through practice drills to advanced shooting techniques A bonus section goes beyond the mechanics of expert shooting and lets you get into Jerry's head.

The knowledge imparted by this series isn't limited to the competition shooter. It's excellent training for the hunter, law enforcement officer or anyone who wants to learn more or has an appreciation for expert rifle shooting techniques.

The DVDs provide insight into Jerry's extensive shooting knowledge and experience that has never been captured before. It's like receiving personal instruction from Jerry. This is not "tactical" instruction, but rather a practical, step-by-step approach that will help the beginning or advanced shooter learn to shoot smarter, faster and better.

"I've been competing for 25 years and I wasted the first 10 years doing it wrong. I put these videos together so other shooters don't have to waste that time," said Miculek.

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