Kowa High Lander Binoculars

$ 5,000.00

*Ships direct from manufacturer. Ships within 7 business days.

BL8J3 | HIGH LANDER PROMINAR Fluorite Crystal Lenses

The ultimate large binocular.

Featuring large 82mm pure fluorite crystal objective lenses with excellent light gathering power and virtually eliminating all chromatic aberration. 

Distortion free viewing with edge to edge sharpness. Completely waterproof design filled with dry nitrogen gas and outstanding durability.

The PROMINAR High Lander offers a flexible system with the option to change eyepieces, individual focus and interpapillary distance adjustment.

Eyepieces for Highlander are supplied with twist-up eye cups, which can be exchanged against optional available fold eye-cups with slim design. (Diameter = 43mm instead of 50mm)