RWS Subsonic .22 LR Ammunition

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RWS .22 LR Subsonic Ammunition

RWS .22 LR SUBSONIC AMMO 50 CT The RWS SUBSONIC HP is a special cartridge for low-noise shooting. The bullet velocity stays distinctly below the sound barrier - consequently there is no sonic boom. For this reason, this rimfire cartridge is very well suited for weapons with silencers. It offers similar good shooting performance as a standard cartridge, but with significantly less noise. Due to the hollow tip, this ammunition achieves a sure and reliable effectiveness with small game and varmints. Not suitable for semi-auto firearms! Disciplines: Competition Training Properties: Type of weapon Rifle Calibre .22 l.r. Lead bullet 2.60 g V0 315 m/s Barrel length 650.00 mm

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