TEC-HRO Stativ Carbon 3.0 Offhand Tripod Stand New Version

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The new TEC-HRO tripod 3.0 carbon is here!

Even easier, and more user-friendly in brilliant colors!

Following further developments:

New, lightweight fiberglass / carbon fiber tubes in five brilliant colors

Lighter feet on the stand

Quick release levers have been added

Ammo-rest can be swivelled

New angle (100° instead of 90°) for the long legs for increased stability

New materials and new design the stand now weighs 1.25 kg is despite 5cm more pull-out height (max. height = 170 cm)!

For the first time, the ammunition-holder can be mounted also on the middle- and bottom- tube, which was called for by many shooters (for kneeling position).

So TEC-HRO managed once again to improve the best selling stand in recent years!

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