Whidden CNC Machined Toolhead for Dillon 550

$ 35.95

Whidden CNC Machined Toolhead for Dillon 550

CNC machining gives the toolhead's contact surfaces and threaded die positions the proper relative alignments required to mount dies in progressive loaders with maximum precision.

Anyone who wants to use their progressive press to load to the highest standards needs a CNC Machined Toolhead for the ultimate in accuracy! Why won't your factory toolhead do this? Factory toolheads are designed to be mass-produced to hit a competitive price point in the reloading press market. Consequently, factory toolheads are made as a large batch of castings with little specific attention paid to surface alignment and finishing.

Whidden Gunworks is pleased to offer CNC Machined Toolheads for the Dillon 550 and Dillon 650 loaders!


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