Worlds Finest Trimmer Roll Pin Pusher

$ 44.95

Worlds Finest Trimmer Roll Pin Pusher

The Roll Pin Pusher was developed as a controlled means of installing the triggerguard roll pin on AR-15 style rifles. The usual method of installing the triggerguard is to align the receiver tab holes with the triggerguard pin hole and tapping the roll pin in with a hammer while supporting the bottom tab on a solid surface. What could go wrong? Well... usually the roll pin requires more than light tapping to fully seat the roll pin and keeping the holes aligned while tapping can be a crap shoot. Maybe not the first time or the second time, but sooner or later the hobbyist or the professional is going to mar the finish or worse yet, break the tab off on a lower receiver. This can be very disappointing to the hobbyist, but if you are professional gunsmith it can open a real can of worms. The lower receiver may have been brought in by the customer or transfered to the customer or, in these political times, the last receiver in stock and now you have egg all over your face. The only real option you have is to man up and replace the lower. This scenario led me to research if there were any tools on the market to make this seemingly easy job easier. Snake eyes. It was time to go to work designing the most foolproof tool for installing and removing the triggerguard roll pin as possible.

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