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Our NEW QD-500 is the only tumbler on the maket with a quick detachable bow, one simpleflip of the cam-lock and your bowl is released. You no longer have to worry about making a mess when dumping you brass and media into your sifter. Separate bowls are available for the reloaders who use different medias and those who tumble pre-sorted brass.

Instructions for use:
-Clean you brass before re-sizing or de-priming.
-Fill the tumbler bowl 2/3 of the way full of dry cleaning media.
-Set the tumbler on a flat concrete surface.
-Plug it in and turn it on.
-If desired, add about two cap fulls of Berry's Brass Bright for each new load.
-Add brass (See Capacity Chart).
-Tumble the brass until clean (Please allow 30-60 to clean and several hours to polish).
-Media should be changed when cleaning takes longer than the not 60 minutes.

Safety Precautions:
-Read all instructions
-Operate your tumbler on a concrete surface away from any combustible material
-Never operate your tumble unattended
-Keep you tumbler away from any liquids
-Closely supervise nearby children
-Do not operate a damaged or malfunctioning tumbler
-Do not use outdoors

Use of your Berry's QD-500 Tumbler for any purpose other than cleaning empty brass cartridges, OR use with any liquid media will void the warranty.

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