6mm Hagar Upper


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This AR15 Match Rifle Upper is built for us by White Oak Armament. It features a Criterion barrel in 6mm Hagar spec'd by Creedmoor. The upper components and forend are White Oak. The result is an upper which has all the features needed for the HP competitor without the compromises of mass produced uppers or the steep price of a custom one.

The free floated forend tube has ventilation holes for cooling and a slot in the bottom designed to use high quality Anschutz accessories. This allows you to build a rifle that can be adjusted to fit the individual shooter allowing the best possible performance. The float tube is available in black, blue, red or green and is 2.25 inches in diameter.

Top quality components are used throughout. The A4 receiver/carrier group are modified to accommodate the side charging bolt handle on this upper. If the rear charging handle is blocked by a competition buttstock with an elevated cheekpiece the side charging can be used.

The 1-8 twist 26" barrel has an extended length gas system delays the unlocking of the bolt. This reduces the stress on your brass, aids in longer case life, and also helps ensure proper functioning with heavier bullets and slow burning powders.

Barrel by Criterion

Upper Components and Assembly by White Oak

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