Anschutz 1761 MPR 22LR 21in. Barrel Hardwood Stock

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Barreled action - 1761

  • Cocked Barreled action, firing pin visible.
  • The integrated abutment provides additional and solid bedding in the socket.
  • High-precision ANSCH?TZ barrels offer the perfect prerequisite for high-precision point shots.
  • The magazine release lever integrated in the Trigger makes changing the magazine extremely quick and easy.

The foundation of our high precision rests on the barreled action design. Geometry inspired by our target rifles, with a high degree of stiffness, a flat supporting surface and an integrated recoil lug. The precision action is manufactured by highly demanding production processes and with gunsmith expertise. In the action integrated well engineered ejector can be changed very easily. The luminous matte surface lends the model 1761 a timeless appearance, which will continue to look excellent even for many years to come.

Bolt - 1761

  • Runs easy and quick
  • The bolt handle knob is made of high-strength plastic and has a diameter of 25 mm. The bolt throw of the chamber is 60?.
  • The high-quality and resistant QPQ coating provides more sliding ability, wear resistance and corrosion protection.
  • The locking lug ensure maximum safety and phenomenal precision.
  • Pulley - for even easier and faster repeating.

The small bearing reduces the force needed to open and to close the bolt. Fast and easy repeats are possible. Symmetrically arranged three-lug locking mechanism for the highest safety and phenomenal precision. Simple disassembly for care and cleaning. The high-quality and resistant QPQ coating ensures additional sliding capacity, resistance to wear, and corrosion protection, and thus is perfect for use in hunting and for harsh weather conditions.

Triggers - 5061

Our tradition

  • More than 50 high-precision individual parts.
  • Multiple sliding and adjustable trigger blade - perfect for a safe and clean release.
  • Ergonomic and silently operated fuse.
  • Ribbed trigger blade for best feel on the trigger finger.

Whether two stage trigger or single stage trigger - whichever position is preferred or is preferred or needed, whether lying, sitting, kneeling or free standing: With four different trigger options for the Model 1761, you will find the perfect interface between rifle and shooter. There is nothing better.

Magazine - 1761

Strong handling

  • The magazine is made of high-strength and robust stainless steel - and is therefore insensitive to dust, dirt and water.
  • The non-slip magazine base is made of high-strength plastic, which is comfortable to hold even in cold temperatures.

The single-row 5-shot magazine with robust stainless steel housing can be changed extremely quickly and easily. This is made possible by the release lever integrated in trigger guard in combination with the extended magazine base. The magazine base is made of high-strength and weather-resistant plastic.

Action bedding - 1761

  • The base of precision
  • The additional abutment ensures precise and solid bedding.
  • Barreled action and stock lie absolutely flat on each other and thus provide the optimal basis for maximum precision.

The solid and flat bedding of the action in the stock guarantees the highest precision. The additional integrated abutment in combination with the flat contact surface of the system and the stock result in the optimal conditions for highest shooting precision.

Multi Purpose Beavertail Stock - 1761

  • With integrated clamping piece for butt plate carrier
  • Non-slip Rubber butt plate, reduces recoil in the shoulder and provides the best grip in the position.
  • The buttstock is prepared for the aluminum butt plate carrier 4759. This allows the length of the buttstock to be individually adjusted.
  • The grip area has a non-slip stippled checkering that remains grippy even in wet weather.
  • The high-strength plastic trigger guard protects the Trigger from impacts and damage. Also available as an aluminum version.
  • The flat fore-end is equipped with an aluminum UIT rail which allows the attachment of accessories such as a hand stop.

Developed from the needs of the hunter from the "new world", this stock combines the advantages of a classic match stock, combined with the wide, leading beavertail fore-end. The integrated UIT rail in fore-end impressively rounds off the overall package. The stock is prepared for mounting a cap outrigger and can thus be flexibly adjusted in length.


The following items are always included in the delivery, regardless of how you configure the product!

5-shot magazine

Styrofoam transport box

Tool set

Item No.: 015539 (right hand version)