American Bullet Co. .50 Cal 750 Gr Lathe Turned Brass Solids

$49.95 $ 29.95

American Bullet Company Match Bullets .50 Cal 750 Gr Lathe Turned Brass Solids

American Bullet Company is proud to introduce our newest offering for 50 Caliber shooters.  These precision made, lathe turned bullets offer incredible accuracy due to their high BC design and strict manufacturing protocols.  Sourced from a major manufacturer, these bullets offer American Bullet Company customers exceptional performance at an incredible value.  Make no mistake, these are not blems or seconds, these are first run, match quality bullets for the most discerning shooter.

Choose American Bullet Company and shoot for victory.

Bullet Features

  • CNC Lathe Turned Brass Solid for Extreme Accuracy
  • Bore Rider Design
  • Hollow-Base Boat Tail
  • .958 G1 B.C.
  • Hand packed in 20 round MTM boxes
  • All bullets from a single lot