AR-15 Skills And Drills By Tiger Mckee

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AR-15 Skills And Drills By Tiger Mckee

Master the versatile and potent AR-15 under the tutelage of one of the nation's foremost tactical trainers with the help of AR-15 Skills & Drills. The 272-page guide introduces shooters to Tiger McKee's methods for developing and honing the skills necessary to manipulate the AR efficiently and shoot it accurately. This unique and fully illustrated reference details the essential physical and mental skills needed to effectively operate the tactical rifle and provides specific drills to cultivate and master those skills.

In addition to handling the AR, McKee also takes a comprehensive look at the rifle's operation, giving shooters a true inside-out understanding of the firearm. This is imperative knowledge to ensure the AR runs properly when called into action and that shooters can address common malfunctions on the fly. McKee also addresses accessories for the rifle, giving shooters an idea of the most functional and practical upgrades to the platform.

With AR-15 Skills & Drills you'll be confident you're getting the most out of your rifle when you're behind the trigger.

How this book will make you an AR expert:

  • Detailed AR-15 training and shooting drills for both new and experienced shooters from one of the best instructors in the field.
  • Advanced marksmanship techniques with both iron and optical sights.
  • Manipulation drills to make skills second nature, including quick loading/unloading and malfunction clearances.
  • The art and science of moving and shooting, single-hand manipulations, and engaging multiple targets.
  • Essential accessories for your individual AR needs, and how to use them.


  • Safety
  • Parts & Operation of the AR
  • Slings
  • Ready Positions
  • Carry Modes
  • Stance
  • Administrative Manipulations
  • Functional Manipulations
  • Marksmanship
  • Tactical Use of Your Eyes
  • First Shots
  • Zeroing the AR
  • Training, Practice & Learning
  • Defense Fundamentals
  • Target Zones
  • Data Book
  • Moving
  • Firing Positions
  • Using Cover
  • Low-Light Conditions
  • Transition to Handgun
  • Cleaning
  • Practice Tools
  • Vests, Chest Rigs & Packs

About the Author

SHOOTRITE Firearms Academy founder and director Tiger McKee is a lifelong student of personal combat, and is one of the nation's top firearms instructors for armed citizens, law enforcement, military and security personnel. McKee was awarded an expert rating with handgun and rifle by Colonel Jeff Cooper of Gunsite, and has been an adjunct instructor at Thunder Ranch since 1995. He has assisted various agencies in designing their own customized training programs, and as an adjunct instructor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation he currently enjoys teaching some of the world's most elite law enforcement agents.