Barrelcool Mini Brass Drying Tray

$ 40.95

Barrelcool Mini Brass Drying Tray

Mini Brass Drying Tray
Do you wet tumble your brass? Stop using the oven for brass drying!

Dry your clean cases using the Mini Brass Drying Tray. Dries 50 cases in less than an hour using powerful blower fans. The smallest and fastest brass drying product on the market.

Yellow cartridge trays hold your brass by the neck or base, allowing airflow into the chamber for rapid drying.

Works with almost all common cartridge sizes, and fits right on your workbench.

Comes with 4 yellow cartridge trays! Each holds 25 cases.

Works with any USB battery.


-4 cartridge trays that hold 25 cases each

-Works with most common cartridge sizes

-Max case Diameter- .525"

-Hole Diameter- .345"

-Works with any USB battery

-Dimensions: 3.3" x 6.3" x 3"

-Operates at 5v, and 2.75w

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