Gracey Outside Neck Shaver w/o Motor

$ 249.95

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The Gracey Power Outside Neck Shaver has now made the previously tedious task of neck turning obsolete, by using a cylindrical cutter to shave cartridge cases. It makes the preparing of cartridge cases fast, simple and routine. It comes fully assembled and ready to go to work. The Neck Shaver employs the patented index on the cartridge case shoulder principle that is fundamental in the other Gracey products. By inserting a cartridge case into a cartridge case holder until the case shoulder contacts the bottom of the holder, very accurate and highly repeatable results will be obtained. The heart of the Gracey Power Neck Shaver is the patented cutter head which houses three adjustable cutters and a mandrel matching the inside diameter of the case neck to be shaved. The amount of material removed from the outside of the cartridge case neck and ultimately the neck wall, is controlled by adjusting the cutter in or out of the cutter head. The cylindrical cutter produces a radius at the root of the cartridge neck making a nice, even flow into the shoulder.

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