Worlds Finest Trimmer Precision Prepping Tool

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Worlds Finest Trimmer Precision Prepping Tool

Introducing the PPT, Precision Prep Tool, from Little Crow Gunworks, LLC. The first manually operated case prep tool puts four tools at your fingertips. Most other designs utilize inline tools which require the user to twist their wrist or rotate the tool in their hand.  The tool head features;

  • A knurled solid aluminum handle with a bearing mounted aluminum tool head.
  • Four 8-32 tapped holes that accept case prep tools manufactured by most reloading companies.
  • An ergonomic offset design.

The offset design is much more ergonomic as the user simply rotates their forearm in a clockwise motion to chamfer, deburr, clean the primer pocket, or de-crimp military brass.

This is the PPT only, the Chamfering/Deburring tools are sold separately.

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